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    22 hours ago
    24 Okt - Oslo School-masc

    Oslo International School

    A 1960’s school enlarged and renewed.
    1 day ago
    24 Okt - Roof-masc

    Roof House

    A house with furnitures, kitchen, and shower on the top of roof.
    2 days ago
    23 Okt - House Forest-masc

    Forest House

    A house that floats in the forest with roof tilted to optimize views.
    2 days ago
    23 Oct - Mestizo-masc

    Mestizo Restaurant

    The restaurant featured a built artifact.
    3 days ago
    22 Oct - Pousos-masc

    Pousos House

    An interesting house that occupies an unleveled terrain.
    3 days ago
    22 Oct - Mercado-masc

    Sergio Mercado Design

    The architects shows volumetric and weightlessness typology.
    4 days ago
    21 Okt - Mountain-masc

    The Mountain Residence

    A thin layer residence like a concrete hillside.
    4 days ago
    21 Oct - Letterbox-masc

    Letterbox House

    A house with the raked timber wall.
    5 days ago
    20 Okt - Lefevre-masc

    Lefevre House

    An amazing house in a stunning location.
    5 days ago
    20 Okt - Joiosa-masc

    Villa Joiosa Auditorium

    An auditorium as a public space for villa.
    6 days ago
    19 Okt - Lego-masc

    Lego Development Department

    Visually and socially stimulating employees and visitors
    7 days ago
    18 Okt - Armani-masc

    Armani Fifth Avenue

    It’s the 3rd part of trilogy Armani worldwide stores.
    1 week ago
    17 Okt - Lant-masc

    Lant Street Apartment

    A remodeled apartment in a victoria warehouse.
    1 week ago
    17 Okt - Formosa-masc

    Formosa1140 Residence

    A multi-family residence with two public parks.
    1 week ago
    16 Okt - Vader-masc

    Vader House

    A house extension to a Victorian terrace.
    1 week ago
    16 Okt - Floating-masc

    Floating Roof House

    A house with floating roof at the bottom of a hill.
    1 week ago
    15 Okt - RATP-masc

    RATP Bus Center

    An administrative building, checkpoint center and bikes shelter.
    1 week ago

    E7-2 House

    A house with the traditional values of a typical Pakistani family.
    2 weeks ago
    14 Okt - Hoogeveen-masc

    Hoogeveen House

    The house combined urban and spatial ultimate living.
    2 weeks ago
    14 okt - arcam-masc

    Architecture Center Amsterdam

    A promotional institute that integrates pavilion columns and floor plans.
    2 weeks ago
    13 Okt - westerdok-masc

    Westerdok Apartment

    An apartment adopts the light and openness design concept.
    2 weeks ago
    13 Okt - Laugalaekjarskoli-masc

    Laugalaekjarskóli Extension

    A new extension to connected two identical building.
    2 weeks ago
    12 Okt - Gueux-masc

    Gueux Municipal Building

    Centralization of many local institutions and services.
    2 weeks ago
    11 Okt - Sheila-masc

    Sheila C. Johnson Design Center

    The architect combines the ground floors of four historic buildings.
    2 weeks ago
    10 Okt - Youth-masc

    Gersonsvej Youth Center

    A mixed of youth recreation, sports and culture center.
    2 weeks ago
    10 Oct - Andys-masc

    Andy’s Frozen Custard

    A store with brilliant arrays of fluorescent and neon lights.
    2 weeks ago
    9 Oct - Villa Berkel-masc

    Berkel Villa

    A remodeled villa on a site formerly 70’s bungalow.
    2 weeks ago
    9 Oct - Peace Peres House-masc

    Peres Peace House

    A physical manifestation of Shimon Peres vision and legacy.
    2 weeks ago
    8 Oct - Sjakket Youth Club-masc

    Sjakket Youth Center

    Two identical vaults separated by a central backbone.
    2 weeks ago
    8 oct - habita-masc

    Habita Hotel

    A stylish covered glass skin hotel.
    3 weeks ago

    Olivomare Restaurant

    A seafood restaurant that highlighted by decorative language.
    3 weeks ago
    7 oct - punkunnam-masc

    Punkunnam Residence

    A compound simple contemporary design house.
    3 weeks ago
    6 oct - spaladium-masc

    Spaladium Center

    A sports center and business complex for The Mediterranean Games 1979
    3 weeks ago
    6 oct - u house-masc

    U House

    It’s a family residence and office space.
    3 weeks ago
    5 oct - refurbish-masc

    Apartment Remodeling

    The apartment has excellent views to a big green area.
    3 weeks ago
    4 oct - ekris-masc

    Ekris Showroom

    2 mirror-copied showroom buildings for BMW and Mini
    3 weeks ago
    3 oct - ordino-masc

    Ordino Complex

    A quiet housing complex composed by four different activities.
    3 weeks ago
    3 Oct - Kiev Loreal-masc

    Kiev L’Oreal Academy

    A hairdresser-training academy with style.
    3 weeks ago
    2 Oct - House Ruins-masc

    Ruins House

    An existing house structure becomes the barrier wall.
    3 weeks ago
    2 Oct - Wood House-masc

    Caviano House

    The new house with a wonderful lake and mountains view.
    3 weeks ago
    1 Oct - Vladimir-masc

    Vladimir Kaspé Cultural Center

    A cultural center on three fundamental and concordant elements.
    3 weeks ago
    1 Oct - Kalmar-masc

    Kalmar Art Museum

    A black four-level cube clad art museum.
    4 weeks ago
    30 Sept - Bubble-masc

    Maihara Kindergarten

    An amazing bubble-like wooden kindergarten.
    4 weeks ago
    30 Sept - Cathedral-masc

    The Light Christ Cathedral

    A place of worship and inspires a sense of solace.
    4 weeks ago
    29 Sept - Koidula-masc

    Koidula Apartment

    The old renovated apartment part with the new wing.
    4 weeks ago

    Seattle Central Library

    A civic space for the circulation of knowledge in all media.
    4 weeks ago
    28 Sept - Clay Oak-masc

    Popplar Cottage

    A Clay and oak house that use a good brick.
    4 weeks ago
    27 Sept - Metamorph-masc

    Tunquén House

    An amazing wooden skin home.
    4 weeks ago
    26 Sept - Parliament Sammi-masc

    Sami Parliament

    A parliament building with special libraries and archives.
    4 weeks ago
    26 Sept - Collage-masc

    Picpus Social House

    A social housing with a typical collage-city landscape element.
    4 weeks ago
    25 Sept - Houseboat-masc

    O de Squisito Boathouse

    A weekend hideaway home on the water.
    1 month ago
    25 Sept - Danfoss-masc

    Danfoss Universe

    New buildings that articulate landscape and exhibition fusion.
    1 month ago
    24 Sept - Outeiro-masc

    Outeiro House

    Modifications of the granite masonry and wooden structure house.
    1 month ago
    24 Sept - Bicentennial-masc

    Bicentennial Hall

    A reading room and exhibition spaces.
    1 month ago
    23 Sept - Winters-masc

    Winters Studio

    A studio for both painting and drawing.
    1 month ago
    23 Sept - Aloft KL-masc

    Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral

    A place to play, stay and mingle in the heart of city’s vibrant.
    1 month ago
    22 Sept - Hilton Bdg-masc

    The Hilton Bandung

    The architects inspired from surrounding mountain range topography.
    1 month ago
    22 Sept - DL-masc

    DL House

    A house on the lot intended between the trees.
    1 month ago
    21 Sept - Hof-masc

    Hof Residence

    A country residence in spectacle location.
    1 month ago
    20 Sept - Public Records-masc

    Public Record Office

    The vertical extended public office.
    1 month ago
    19 Sept - Marchesini-masc

    Marchesini Headquarter

    An office environment opens to the outdoor.
    1 month ago
    19 Sept - TBWA-masc

    TBWA/Hakuhodo Office

    An office agency discovered an old bowling alley.
    1 month ago
    18 Sept - Tsai-masc

    Tsai Residence

    A weekend house for two young art collectors.
    1 month ago

    Parr House

    A house with series of rooms.
    1 month ago
    17 Sept - Suntro-masc

    Suntro House

    A house with exceptional natural beauty.
    1 month ago
    kantoor Rijkswaterstaat, Middelburg architect Paul de Ruiter

    Rijkswaterstaat Office

    A transparent glass office for transparent image.
    1 month ago
    16 Sept - Villa Old Oaks-masc

    Old Oaks Villa

    A villa in a splendid oak trees view.
    1 month ago
    16 Sept - North-masc

    North Office

    A space that was not an office.
    1 month ago
    15 Sept - Double House-masc

    Nora House

    A double house prepared as a spiraling sequence.
    1 month ago
    15 Sept - Villa V-masc

    Villa V

    A square-shaped villa for small family
    1 month ago
    14 Sept - Mameg-masc

    Mameg + Maison Martin Margiela Boutique

    Side-by-side two boutiques in single building.
    1 month ago
    13 Sept - Common-masc

    The Commons

    The social center for all campus activities.
    1 month ago
    12 Sept - Duplicasa-masc

    Dupli Casa

    A house that echoes the family archeology by duplication and rotation.
    1 month ago
    12 Sept - Arreletes-masc

    Arreletes Day Care

    A nursery surrounded by a sports area and plantation.
    1 month ago

    Malinalco House

    A house in a fine landscape care with a great golf course.
    1 month ago
    11 Sept - Antony-masc

    Pembury Place Residence

    A new building on the estate and a chance to forge a fresh urban identity.
    1 month ago
    10 Sept - Roling-masc

    Villa Roling

    A villa for art, painting and sculpture collector.
    2 months ago
    10 Sept - House M-masc

    House M

    A contemporary house with a wall between front and back garden
    2 months ago
    9 Sept - Artfarm-masc


    An art and gallery with three corrugated galvanized iron.
    2 months ago
    9 Sept - Archipelago-masc

    Archipelago House

    A summerhouse in glass and wood.
    2 months ago
    8 Sept - Seedri-masc

    Seedri Guesthouse

    An apartment at the edge of the waterfront park.
    2 months ago
    8 Sept - M1-masc

    Hoke Residence

    A wooden house with separated volumes and big openings.
    2 months ago
    6 Sept - Chapel-masc

    The Prayer Pavilion

    A 24 hours haven for prayer and quiet meditation.
    2 months ago
    6 Sept - Romero-masc

    Romero House

    A box shape house for a four-member family.
    2 months ago
    5 Sept - Marinthal-masc

    Martinhal House

    A house in touristic development with instant touristic rustic villages.
    2 months ago
    5 Sept - Garden Museum-masc

    Garden Museum

    Redesigning the Garden Museum in a listed former church.
    2 months ago
    4 Sept - Strata-masc

    Strata Hotel

    A wellness tailored timber strips comfortable hotel.
    2 months ago
    4 Sept - Shells-masc

    Shell House

    A large shell structure house floating above ground.
    2 months ago
    A 11209

    Vanhaerents Office

    An excellent office architectural and interior department collaboration.
    2 months ago
    3 Sept - Suburban-masc

    Suburban Intervention

    A small intervention on the house backyard.
    2 months ago
    2 Sept - Copper-masc

    Copper House

    A copper as the material of its outer house facing.
    2 months ago
    2 Sept - Mensa-masc

    Moltke Canteen

    An attractive new center for the campus for meet, eat and exchange ideas.
    2 months ago
    1 Sept - Turku-masc

    Turku City Library

    A city library with latest addition to a block with the old library.
    2 months ago
    1 Sept - Sao Chico-masc

    Sao Chico Private Retreat

    A haven of metal and wood private weekend house retreat inserted in nature.
    2 months ago
    31 Aug - Capsule-masc

    House with Capsule

    The house is based on a square with capsule inside that containing all technological elements.
    2 months ago
    30 Aug - Alhamra-masc

    Alhambra House

    Japanese oak became the visual centerpiece and natural air ventilation.
    2 months ago
    29 Aug - Biscuit-masc

    Biscuit House

    A house composed of shapes wood curtain like biscuits.
    2 months ago
    29 Aug - Maritime-masc

    Maritime Youth House

    A wooden deck for a sailing club and a youth center on the polluted site.
    2 months ago
    28 Aug - Refuge-masc

    Pavilion Refuge

    Replaces an old kitchen that attached to the farmhouse into a pavilion.
    2 months ago
    28 Aug - Private-masc

    Cologny House

    A two volumes house expresses on a steeply sloping terrain.
    2 months ago
    27 Aug - Consorcio-masc

    Consorcio Building

    A building that improves its environmental quality that based in the steel and wood industry.
    2 months ago
    27 Aug - TDA-masc

    TDA House

    A low-cost house with minimum maintenance with any number of habitants.
    2 months ago
    26 Aug - Sweden-masc

    Swedish Embassy

    A building for chancellery for the Swedish embassy with apartments, exhibition spaces and conference center
    2 months ago
    26 Aug - Surfhouse-masc


    A surfhouse appears as an abstract ebonized cedar block near the beach.
    2 months ago
    25 Aug - Relaxx-masc

    Relaxx Sport Center

    It reminds a dynamic sculpture symbolizing the beauty and poetry of chaos.
    2 months ago
    25 Aug - Moliere-masc

    Moliere Residence

    6 luxury residential unit with varied dimensions and qualities.
    2 months ago
    24 Aug - Bilbao-masc

    Bilbao Exhibition Center

    A new international exhibition center formerly used for factory.
    2 months ago
    23 Aug - Donut Stop-masc

    The Donut Stop

    A donut shop that inspired by mid-twentieth century American roadside.
    2 months ago
    22 Aug - Ilhavo-masc

    City Library

    City library that build in the remains of the Manor Visconde de Almeida.
    2 months ago
    22 Aug - Royal Restaurant-masc


    It’s an art gallery, a café, a museum and a retail shop.
    2 months ago
    21 Aug - House 3-masc

    House 3

    Old house renovation with more space, safety and new technologies.
    2 months ago
    21 Aug - Wellness Sky-masc


    A used and refurbishment building become a high-end gym and spa.
    2 months ago
    20 Aug - Harbor Bath-masc

    Copenhagen Harbor Bath

    An outdoor bath in the new cultural and social center in the Copenhagen Harbor.
    2 months ago
    20 Aug - Bento-masc

    Bertolini House

    The house reinforced concrete with aluminum thermo-acoustic glass.
    2 months ago
    19 Aug - Chilean-masc

    Chilean House

    Two houses with the walnuts grown in courtyard.
    2 months ago
    19 Aug - Chongqing Library-masc

    Chongqing Library

    A library for important educational, cultural, and social center.
    2 months ago
    18 Aug - Quinta-masc

    Quinta Monroy Housing

    A small budget housing for low-income community on small site.
    2 months ago
    18 Aug - Halftecture O-masc

    Halfitecture OO

    Public restrooms have been set in the open space in Osaka Castle Park.
    2 months ago
    17 Aug - Broken House-masc

    Broken House

    A house located near a forest on land depreciated by mining damage and tectonic faults.
    2 months ago
    16 Aug - Floating House-masc

    Floating House

    A house typology in the site with unique conditions and place.
    2 months ago
    15 Aug - Vanguard-masc

    Vanguard Way

    Essentially extended but reserves some space for private outdoor use.
    2 months ago
    15 Aug - Guangzhou Baiyun-masc

    Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center

    A new and prestigious convention center to meet the considerable demand for conferences.
    2 months ago
    14 Aug - Cabin Verdehaugen-masc

    Cabin Verdehaugen

    A coastal cabin placed on a ridge by the creek mouth.
    2 months ago
    14 Aug - Block 16-masc

    Block 16

    A high-rise housing blocks for a new prestigious city center.
    2 months ago
    13 Aug - Pedestrian Bridge-masc

    Pedestrian Bridge

    A bridge over the busy traffic that would bring safety to pedestrians.
    2 months ago
    13 Aug - CCDH-masc

    CCDH Office

    A small office building for rent located within a suburban environment.
    2 months ago
    12 Aug - Monte Elbruz-masc

    Monte Elbruz Residence

    A building that generates slimmer volumes illusion and avoids noise in a positive style.
    2 months ago
    12 Aug - Frontenex-masc

    Frontenex House

    A residential space that located in a former high quality buildings.