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    18 hours ago
    17 Apr - Rafael Arozarena-masc

    Rafael Arozarena High School

    The architect using simple materials to got the same touch of the original landscape.
    1 day ago

    Wolf House

    The house features a double-walled edge.
    2 days ago
    16 Apr - Izola-masc

    Honeycomb Apartment

    The apartments provide a shady and naturally ventilated outdoor intimate space.
    2 days ago
    oeken 0032

    Oeken Pavilion

    This residential succeeds on it obvious simple wooden structure.
    3 days ago
    15 Apr - Ecopellets-masc

    Ecopellets Office

    Executing the work in a prefabricated SIP type panel.
    3 days ago
    15 Apr - Sereno-masc

    Serene House

    The house features patio that close to nature and panoramic windows.
    4 days ago

    Armani Ginza Tower

    The glass tower that rises in the skyline of the city.
    4 days ago
    vervaardigde fotografie met copyrights Studio FdW (C)

    Office on Kraanspoor

    It is a lightweight transparent office on top of a concrete crane way.
    5 days ago
    13 Apr - Kastrub

    Kastrup Sea Bath

    A new sandy beach set the structure in the water.
    6 days ago
    12 Apr - Central Library

    Central Library of UCN

    The library becomes architectural icons in articulating new meanings.
    7 days ago
    11 Apr - Zenith Strasbourg

    The Zenith Music Hall

    The building is to be assumed as a particular, merging and independent sculpture.
    7 days ago

    La Reserva House

    The building recognizes the inevitability of climate action.
    1 week ago
    10 Apr - Barn House

    The Barn House

    The house is creating elegant interiors also connection to the outdoor and surroundings.
    1 week ago
    9 Apr - Villa ocean-

    Villa by the Ocean

    It’s overlooking the Atlantic Ocean villa that carved into the terrain.
    1 week ago
    9 Apr - Ecological-

    Finca El Retorno Ecological Shelters

    The unique hotel comprised a series of houses immerged in nature.
    1 week ago
    8 Apr - Arrebol Patagonia

    Arrebol Patagonia Hotel

    The building is mainly made ​​of two materials, steel and concrete.
    1 week ago

    Ocho al Cubo House

    The house is integrated with natural environment
    1 week ago
    8 Apr - Glenburn House

    Glenburn House

    Long horizontal runs largely glazed walking the perimeter of the home.
    2 weeks ago
    7 Apr - Espana Library-

    Spain Library

    Illuminate three buildings are meant to resemble black stones.
    2 weeks ago
    7 Apr - Ring Stadium-

    The Ring Stadium

    Extends the existing building with covered tribunes.
    2 weeks ago
    4 Apr - Oslo copy

    Oslo School of Architecture

    It’s a sunken courtyard and a new block of classrooms competing the courtyard.
    2 weeks ago
    3 Apr - Dolce Gabbana copy

    D&G Headquarters

    The architect brings the synergy between classical and contemporary.
    2 weeks ago
    4 Apr - Day Care copy

    Ferrer y Guàrdia School

    The classrooms are on a strip, aligned to the street, between common walls.
    2 weeks ago
    4 Apr - Las Palmas copy

    Las Palmas Spa

    Natural slatted wood exterior outside of the windows provides privacy.
    2 weeks ago
    2 Apr - Double House-

    Twin House

    The house much like a sculptural with both light and shadow.
    2 weeks ago
    2 Apr - School Canteen

    Primary School Canteen

    The structure is unique by the contrast between white and black windows frames.
    2 weeks ago
    1 Apr - Animal

    Animal Refuge Centre

    It is arrange as an attractive and functional solution.
    2 weeks ago
    1 Apr - Jewish

    Contemporary Jewish Museum

    The panels appear color changing and creating dynamic living surface.
    3 weeks ago
    31 Mar - Romana

    Villa Romana

    It’s home and studio that solved together spatially and functionally separated.
    3 weeks ago
    31 Mar Farellones

    Casa Farellones

    The platform generates a stable and continuous surface area.
    3 weeks ago

    Jardin del Sol House

    A monolithic piece of concrete and glass inserted on a wooden platform.
    3 weeks ago
    29 Mar - Morande Winery

    Morande Winery

    Rigorous geometric arrangement as opposed to the sinuosity of the topography.
    3 weeks ago
    28 Mar - Huski-

    Huski Apartments

    The shape reminds the European sauna with wooden boxes.
    3 weeks ago
    28 Mar - House Presenhuber-

    Haus Presenhuber

    The use of concrete pays justice to this stone appearance.
    3 weeks ago
    27 Mar - Mount Baker copy

    Mount Baker Residence

    The amazing views captured from huge façade windows.
    3 weeks ago
    27 Mar - Tautra copy

    Tautra Monastery

    A fit symbolism represents the cross on the timber beams.
    3 weeks ago
    26 Mar - Alicante

    Alicante Tram Stop

    The boxes are punctured by 800 holes to reduce the weight and distributed air pass.
    3 weeks ago
    26 Mar - de rokade

    De Rokade

    It was built for elderly with connection to Maartenshof nursing.
    3 weeks ago
    25 Mar - Gritsch

    House Müller Gritsch

    The house shapes in spatial variety, complexity and encourages visitors to experience it.
    3 weeks ago
    25 Mar - Stable

    Sheep Stable

    The stable is designed with a homogeneous cross-section.
    4 weeks ago
    24 Mar - Aquino

    Casa Aquino

    The nature around the house blends beautifully into the surrounding.
    4 weeks ago
    24 Mar - Petter Dass

    Petter Dass Museum

    The building created to integrates with the historical and cultural landscape.
    4 weeks ago
    21 Mar - Carabanchel

    Carabanchel Social Housing

    Bamboo louvers cover the façades on the building.
    4 weeks ago
    21 Mar - Nursery

    Santa Isabel Nursery School

    The building was considered in idea and unit as two large boxes.
    4 weeks ago
    21 Mar - Maison

    Go House

    The house is wrapped in glass outlines that offering thermal isolation.
    4 weeks ago
    20 Mar - Holiday

    Holiday House

    Window frames with an incredible view of the mountains.
    4 weeks ago
    20 Mar - Architect

    Üetliberg Residence

    Reasonably priced residential space with high standards of living.
    4 weeks ago
    20 Mar - Signalhuset


    Housing with all the color elements in contrast to the concrete.
    4 weeks ago

    Siamese Towers

    It is a tower inside the other tower with glass fiber cement.
    4 weeks ago
    19 Mar - BIP

    Edificio BIP

    The office covered in a woven pattern of wooden beams.
    1 month ago
    19 Mar - Beijing

    Terminal 3 Beijing Airport

    The rooftop has a dragon-like shape as an explanation of traditional Chinese culture.
    1 month ago
    17 Mar - House V

    House V

    The house was designed as a relaxed living area for a family.
    1 month ago
    17 Mar - Frexport

    Frexport HQ

    Headquarters with the garden had to convert the ambiance of the office.
    1 month ago
    17 Mar - National

    The Giant Egg

    The concept of the building is a cultural island in the middle of a lake.
    1 month ago
    13 Mar - Seifert

    Seifert House

    The house was built as a passive house without cooling or heating needed.
    1 month ago

    Indigo Patagonia Hotel

    The hotel has united natural timber with industrial ambience.
    1 month ago
    Picture 046

    Gerês House

    The house is located in a sheltered natural area.
    1 month ago
    12 Mar - Wilis

    Willis Headquarter

    The tower features a lookalike the shell of a crustacean.
    1 month ago
    12 Mar - VM

    VM Houses

    All the apartments have diagonal views of the surrounding landscape.
    1 month ago
    12 Mar - Kirkenes

    Hotel Kirkenes

    The hotel doesn't provide electricity, minibar, satellite channel and running water.
    1 month ago
    11 Mar - Lateran

    Lateran University Library

    The library is arranged in U shaped in plan.
    1 month ago
    11 Mar - Orquideorama1


    Combine architecture with the natural biosphere so that the area would suitable completely.
    1 month ago
    11 Mar - AAlen1

    Aalen University Extention

    The buildings covered with timber and positioned on a quiet hill.
    1 month ago
    10 Mar - Metzo

    Metzo College

    The new college facilitates the school’s innovative approach to professional education.
    1 month ago
    10 Mar - Guthrie House

    Guthrie House

    It’s a façade-less house that situation of natural belvedere over the valley.
    1 month ago
    image description

    CO2 Saver House

    The design was determinate with low lifecycle costs and a reduction in structure costs.
    1 month ago

    Casa Pentimento

    It is a prefab concrete house that inspired by the plastic flower boxes at Ecuadorean market.
    1 month ago

    Guest House

    It is designed as affordable housing for low energy consumption.
    1 month ago
    6 Mar - Leon

    Leon de Grief Library Park

    1 month ago

    Casa Pirehueico

    The double-sloped roof was build for extreme weather condition.
    1 month ago
    5 Mar - Avicii

    Avicii Hollywood Residence

    The house is outsized and divided in half by a water feature and pool.
    1 month ago
    5 Mar - Taka Tuka Land

    Tuka Tuka Land Kindergarten

    The kindergarten was originally raised as a temporary solution.
    1 month ago
    5 Mar - Poli

    Poli House

    The house is located in a rural setting scarcely populated by farmers, fishermen and tourists.
    1 month ago
    3 Mar - Oslo

    Oslo Opera House

    The government wanted the Opera House to be a landmark for Norway as a cultural nation.
    1 month ago
    3 Mar - OS

    OS House

    The most exposed façade of the house is the green roof.
    2 months ago

    Bale Sports Hall

    The new sports hall is adjacent to the old school, and due to the size of the village itself.
    2 months ago
    28 Feb - Grand Rapids

    Grand Rapids Art Museum

    The new art museum occupies one city block right in the heart of city.
    2 months ago

    Pedro Lira House

    This futuristic design is unique and use of common building elements.
    2 months ago
    VU Kinderstad 0193


    The goal is to extract the sick child, its family and friends from the unpleasant surrounding of a hospital.
    2 months ago
    28 Feb - Herringbone

    Herringbone Houses

    The house is composed of two continuous planes of herringbone timber and graphite.
    2 months ago
    28 Feb - Contrapunto

    Contrapunto Bookshop

    A Chilean bookshop that specializes in architecture, design, art, photography and illustrated books.
    2 months ago

    Wall House

    With a limited budget, the architects were asked to design a residence for a retired couple.
    2 months ago
    Residence 1414

    Residence 1414

    A simple palette of materials was used to maintain a balance.
    2 months ago
    27 Feb - FF

    FF House

    The house has a discreet entrance but as you go through.
    2 months ago
    25 Feb - Krk

    Krk Sports Hall and Square

    This building defines a new focal point of city Krk.
    2 months ago
    25 Feb - Black

    Black House

    This house on exterior wrapped with black wood that adds to the impression.
    2 months ago
    25 Feb - Yatsu

    House in Yatsugatake

    The owner spent many years searching for the ideal site for building his house.
    2 months ago

    GM1 House

    The idea of white throughout the house is to serve as a canvas.
    2 months ago
    20 Feb - Vanke

    Vanke Pavilion

    The café adopts a semi-open form as a respondence to the outdoor game area.
    2 months ago
    20 Feb - modern Masc

    Casey Key Main House

    The house is a U-shaped courtyard structure elevated on piles to meet FEMA requirements
    2 months ago
    20 Feb - Glass

    Glass Residential Tower

    All-glass building is located in one of the most expensive for luxury high-rise living.
    2 months ago
    20 Feb - De Lemos Masc

    De Lemos Guesthouse

    This building contains restaurant and guesthouse, which is intended to carry out a deeper investigation of local wine making.
    2 months ago
    20 Feb - Opera

    Valencia Opera House

    The most eye-catching features are two narrow sheaths like an abstract feather.
    2 months ago
    20 Feb Cultural Masc

    Cultural Center

    The cultural center becomes an extension of the square by the same practice.
    2 months ago
    19 Feb - Thorn House mascoted

    Thornbury House

    In the house possess modern and minimalist design that consists the room.
    2 months ago
    19 Feb - V2 House mascoted

    V2 House

    It was built in a suburb of the lake that can display a beautiful landscape.
    2 months ago
    19 Feb - T House mascoted

    Maison T

    The house located in the highlands with open forest that offers beautiful views.
    2 months ago
    19 Feb - Findlay

    Stacey-Turley Residence

    The architect set the house far back and turning the basement into a lower level.
    2 months ago
    18 Feb - Feldbalz

    Feldbalz House

    The architect created the sculpture that contains the family life.
    2 months ago
    17 Feb - Minimalist

    Bosque da Ribeira Residence

    The residence seeks to create a visual interface and harmonious deployment.
    2 months ago
    14 feb - findlay

    Findlay Residence

    A simple interior palette consisting of concrete floors, white lacquered and oak cabinets.
    2 months ago
    17 Feb - Pertamina

    Pertamina Energy Tower

    The iconic campus will serve as a city within a city.
    2 months ago
    14 Feb - Baleia1

    Baleia Condo

    It’s a beach house that has a strong Brazilian character.
    2 months ago
    14 Feb - Atrium

    Atrium House

    The building is developed along the southern and western boundaries of the parcel.
    2 months ago
    14 Feb - Cidade

    Cidade das Artes

    The landscape is monotonous, deprived of strong urban marks and public spaces.
    2 months ago
    14 Feb - Under

    Underground Garage

    The office is very comfortable, like a dark and quiet cavern.
    2 months ago
    Arch Brio Project Alibag

    House on the Stream

    The house consists of two parts: the day areas of the house and entrance verandah.
    2 months ago
    13 Feb - Kolkata

    Kolkata Museum of Modern Art

    The building is constructed from unique cast masonry blocks that create mass within the facade.
    2 months ago
    12 Feb - Cafein

    Cafein Bistro

    A blend of soft pastel blue, yellow, and orange provide a neutral background and pleasing to the eye.
    2 months ago
    12 Feb - Aluminum

    Aluminum House

    A consolidated landscape surrounded by gardens with big trees.
    2 months ago
    11 Feb - Cemetery

    Lakewood Cemetery Mausoleum

    It has served as the foremost resting place for Minnesota’s distinguished citizens.
    2 months ago

    Tah Riq

    A guitarist, a copywriter, a poet, a rapper, a graphic designer, and a parkour athlete
    2 months ago
    11 Feb - Mann

    Mann House

    The steel structure establishes a close relationship with nature.
    2 months ago
    10 Feb - Harbin

    Harbin Twin Towers

    The Towers creates a balanced relationship between empty and full, mass and void, private and public.
    2 months ago
    10 Feb - Floating

    Mobile Floating House

    The house was designed for people who appreciate freedom and nature at their doorstep.
    2 months ago
    10 Feb - Empire

    The Empire

    The designer created home to achieve the perfect balance of light, volume and the interrelationship between indoor and outdoor environments.
    2 months ago
    7 Feb - Through

    Through The Deck Into Life

    The first house has enclosed, introverted and monolithic, and the second house opened, extroverted and floating over the terrain.
    2 months ago
    7 Feb - Innovation

    Innovation Tower

    The tower aims to use voids to create an accessible urban space that will transform how the Hong Kong Poly University is perceived.
    2 months ago
    7 Feb - Park House

    Parkgate House

    The building has been extended to the rear and a set back roof extension has been added to form a single extensive penthouse apartment.
    2 months ago
    6 Feb - Run

    Run Colors Store

    Inspired by the shoelaces in the Run Colors logo, the architects created a space that clearly reflects the brand’s running colors theme.
    2 months ago

    Unite Mahallati

    Meets industrial with nature. It's Lazer Chair!
    2 months ago
    6 Feb - Overby

    Överby House

    The formative idea behind the house was to create a clear and concentrated form in marked contrast to the surrounding landscape.
    2 months ago
    5 Feb - Bao

    Shenzhen Bao’an Airport

    The sculptural terminal evokes the image of a manta ray and features double-skin honeycomb motif that wraps the structure.
    2 months ago
    3 Feb - Fifa

    2022 FIFA World Cup Stadium

    Inspiration for the spectacular design was drawn from the culturally iconic Dhow boats often seen in Qatar's many harbors.
    2 months ago
    3 Feb - California

    California House

    The flat-roofed California features extensive full-height sliding glass walls perfectly suited to the Australian lifestyle and climate.
    2 months ago
    3 Feb - Purple

    Purple House In Wales

    The house represents an unconscious and personal language trip into the Norman legacy.
    2 months ago
    30 Jan - Tel Aviv

    Tel Aviv Town House

    The authentic, urban skyline reveals to those in the courtyard, Tel Aviv’s rooftops and thus realizes the urban experience that the owners wanted to achieve.
    2 months ago
    30 Jan - Ramat

    House 13 at Tel Aviv

    A brilliant white cubic volume is able to form an intimate relationship with its surrounding environment.