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    21 hours ago
    29 Jul - Archery-masc

    Archery Center

    Located in an area of ​​low density with high plant quality.
    2 days ago
    28 Jul - T House-masc

    T house

    A house for a family of four also a place to display contemporary artworks.
    3 days ago
    27 Jul - Patchwork-masc

    Patchwork Pavilion

    A temporary art gallery built for an art exhibition.
    4 days ago
    26 Jul - Terrace House-masc

    Terrace House

    An expansive deck attached that invites contemporary al fresco living.
    5 days ago
    25 Jul - NRGi-masc

    NRGi Head Office

    It’s become a landmark for company, using unusual and challenging architecture.
    5 days ago
    25 Jul - Fayetteville-masc

    Performance Pavilion

    The performance pavilion consists of a covered, elevated stage and back of house functions.
    6 days ago
    24 Jul - Los Silos-masc

    Los Silos Youth Centre

    The architects combine flexibility, contradiction and perviousness.
    6 days ago
    24 Jul - Slope-masc

    Slope House

    The architects are using a simple structure to realize materials and standard solutions on the slope.
    7 days ago
    23 Jul - Pionen-masc

    Bahnhofs Pionen

    A Bahnhofs server’s hall and office by takes place in a former anti-atomic shelter.
    7 days ago
    23 Jul - Oca-masc


    A temporary Oca pavilion that designed to shelter conferences, rituals and workshop.
    1 week ago
    22 Jul - HQ13-masc

    HQ Line 13

    A centralized control subway station Line 13
    1 week ago
    22 Jul - Temporary Chapel-masc

    St-Loup Chapel

    A temporary chapel to accommodate religious worship during renovates main chapel.
    1 week ago
    21 Jul - Casa Lousado-masc

    House Em Lousado

    The house for family farm features long platforms with rich walls in texture.
    1 week ago
    21 Jul - Muritzeum-masc


    A science and visitor center that holding exhibitions, experiments and aquarium.
    1 week ago
    20 Jul - Drift Bay House-masc

    Drift Bay House

    This sculptural house nestles into its dramatic landscape in Queenstown, New Zealand.
    2 weeks ago
    19 Jul - Council-masc

    Can Ricart Sports Center

    The sports center bounded by two different public open spaces and integrated the existing building.
    2 weeks ago

    Los Canteros Mountain Refuge

    The house featured with minimal windows opening to illuminate specific acts.
    2 weeks ago
    18 Jul - Rosso Resto-masc

    Rosso Restaurant

    The atmosphere is pleasant by wrinkled fields and greenery of trees
    2 weeks ago
    17 Jul - Outrial-masc

    OUTrial House

    The idea is to carve out a piece of the grass-covered site.
    2 weeks ago
    17 Jul - Top-masc

    Top Towers

    A new building in a privilege site represented a huge potential for the creation of a landmark.
    2 weeks ago
    16 Jul - Skanderborggade-masc

    Skanderborggade Daycare

    A daycare and nursery school that can convert into kindergarten.
    2 weeks ago
    16 Jul - Performers-masc

    Performers House

    A 19th-century paper mill rebuild into an international dance, music and theatre.
    2 weeks ago
    15 Jul - Sale House-masc

    Sale House

    A chess game approached the massing strategy for this new host structure to the studio.
    2 weeks ago

    K:fem Department Store

    A dramatic backlit ceiling with white logotypes create a symbolic sign of a department store for fashion.
    2 weeks ago
    14 Jul - Gerardo-masc

    Gerardo Molina School

    The public permits to access facilities during non-scholar hours.
    2 weeks ago
    14 Jul - Somosaguas-masc

    Somosaguas House

    The dominance of stylized curves and bold shapes that relate harmonically to its natural.
    3 weeks ago
    12 Jul - Future Hotel-masc

    Future Hotel Showcase

    A showcase room for Future Hotel demonstration project.
    3 weeks ago
    13 Jul - Juvet Hotel-masc

    Juvet Landscape Hotel

    The individual and unique rooms that spread out in the landscape.
    3 weeks ago
    11 Jul - Showroom H-masc

    Masuya Honda Walk

    A small agricultural equipment showroom for Masuya Honda Walk features with triangular concrete walls.
    3 weeks ago
    11 Jul - XXLong-masc

    XX Longhouse

    A unique site and unusually XX longhouse with a standard budget.
    3 weeks ago
    10 Jul - Chilean Binnale-masc

    Chilean Architecture Biennale

    The architects create a temporal public platform, called Juggler’s Square.
    3 weeks ago
    10 Jul - Duoc-masc

    Duoc Headquarter

    The exterior clad is composed of two skins glass.
    3 weeks ago
    9 Juli - Silent House-masc

    Silent House

    The architects wished to create the silence space in the concrete block.
    3 weeks ago
    9 Jul - Home Children-masc

    Home Haus

    A residential building for an assisted living children and adolescents community.
    3 weeks ago
    8 Jul - Aatrial House-masc

    Aatrial House

    An inner atrium with the driveway leading underneath the building.
    3 weeks ago
    8 Jul - Children Center-masc

    Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center

    A treatment center for mentally disturbed children.
    3 weeks ago
    7 Jul - MF House-masc

    M/F House

    A unique multifamily housing that adopts the contemporary Japanese lifestyle.
    3 weeks ago
    7 Jul - Sarugaku-masc


    Each building is representing a mountain in the landscape.
    3 weeks ago
    6 Jul - Hill House-masc

    Hill House

    The house designed for an irregular hillside lot.
    4 weeks ago
    5 Jul - Monte Silo-masc


    The house covered by corrugated metal grain silos.
    4 weeks ago
    4 Jul - Benz Dealer-masc

    Sogn Arena

    The building that further legitimizes the dynamic architecture.
    4 weeks ago
    4 Jul - Higueritas-masc

    Higueritas Sport Center

    The architects introduced the use of translucent polycarbonate panels.
    4 weeks ago
    3 Jul - Brunner-masc

    Leimental Residence

    An extension of an existing residential development.
    4 weeks ago
    3 Jul - Two Residential-masc

    Habitar 72

    The residential featured with perforated double wall and ascends opening windows.
    4 weeks ago
    2 Jul - Klein Bottle-masc

    Klein Bottle House

    The house is covered in cement sheeting like folded origami.
    4 weeks ago
    2 Jul - Wooden House-masc

    Final Wooden House

    The wood used unfinished and unpainted pieces in its simplest form.
    4 weeks ago
    1 Jul - Villa 1-masc

    Villa 1

    Architects invented Y-shape that creates glazed three wings.
    4 weeks ago
    1 Jul - Aurland-masc

    Stegastein Viewpoint

    It’s a popular sightseeing and spectacular viewpoint.
    4 weeks ago
    30 Jun - DURAS-masc

    DURAS Shop

    The triangular walls divide the center of shop space.
    4 weeks ago
    30 Jun - House 2-masc

    Paz House

    A house and garden that develop above street level.
    1 month ago
    29 Jun - White Cave-masc

    White Cave

    The structure is using rough concrete to create place characteristic.
    1 month ago
    28 Jun - Sports-masc

    Sport and Culture House

    It’s a new kind of cutting-edge building between traditional typology sports arena.
    1 month ago
    27 Jun - White Apartment-masc

    White Apartment

    The main apartment theme is dominated in white color.
    1 month ago
    27 Jun - Joliot Curie-masc

    Workshop Extension

    The architects reworked the facades moldings to reverberate with the large trees.
    1 month ago

    La Peña Multi-Sport Pavilion

    The sport complex supports the social transformation.
    1 month ago
    26 Jun - House II-masc

    Aroeira VM House

    The two nodal patios are covered in white tile.
    1 month ago
    25 Jun - M House-masc

    M House

    The house featured exposed concrete walls and galvanized metal siding.
    1 month ago
    25 Jun - Los Heroes-masc

    Los Heroes Funds

    It’s covered in a double outer colored glass skin.
    1 month ago
    24 Jun - Paykar Bonyan-masc

    PBP Factory

    It contains architectural quality with no similarity to other.
    1 month ago
    24 Jun - Sports and Leisure-masc

    Sports and Leisure Center

    A building with green folds and landscape waves.
    1 month ago
    23 Jun - Kunsthulle-masc

    Kunsthülle LPL

    A pervious skin allows visitors to walk passing through.
    1 month ago
    23 Jun - Art-masc

    Light Reflection

    Two imaginary light beams penetrating the center bridge building.
    1 month ago
    22 Jun - Kokoo-masc

    Kokoo Nightclub

    The architects are using light projections for mood color.
    1 month ago
    21 Jun - UMH University-masc

    Campus Research Facilities

    The building grouped in structure of interspersed rings.
    1 month ago
    20 Jun - Liaunig-masc

    Liaunig Museum

    The structure builds below the land for cost and energy optimization.
    1 month ago
    20 Jun - Barreiro-masc

    Barreiro College of Technology

    This building is emphasized with huge coal-grey block.
    1 month ago
    19 Jun - Rota-masc

    Casa Rota

    An old theater redecorates into a residence with swimming pool.
    1 month ago
    19 Jun - Sheet-masc

    Cafeteria Wetterleuchten

    The interior consists of illuminated light beads with textile elements.
    1 month ago
    18 Jun - PC1-masc

    PC-1 Residence

    The architects selected pure materials for durability and function reliability.
    1 month ago
    18 Jun - Altamirano-masc

    Altamirano Walkway

    A special occasion to offer a relevant space.
    1 month ago
    17 Jun - jaegers-masc

    Jægersborg Water Tower

    The architects convert a water tower into a mixed-use building.
    1 month ago
    17 Jun - Bubble-masc

    Bubbletecture H

    It set in parallel on flat land and floated from the slope.
    1 month ago

    Basque Health Department Headquarters

    The folded façade makes several visual directions.
    1 month ago
    16 Jun - soundhouse-masc


    A contemporary building that satisfies acoustic requirements.
    1 month ago
    15 Jun - Summerhouse-masc


    The siliding doors let the house close into the landscape.
    2 months ago
    14 Jun - Loducca Agency-masc

    Colombia 325

    The façade dematerialized contains of a wall that reflects the cars movement.
    2 months ago
    13 Jun - Szymon Szczesniak-masc

    Photographer House

    The quite stunning house features a dynamic skin.
    2 months ago
    13 Jun - Barber Shop-masc

    The Hair Strand Barbershop

    The interior reflecting the idea of what a hair strand is.
    2 months ago
    12 Jun - Slowtectur-masc

    Slowtecture Miki

    An indoor tennis court that ready for emergency staging area.
    2 months ago
    12 Jun - Theodore-masc

    Theodore Café Bistro

    It is a cultural place that created by a concept architectural review.
    2 months ago

    Harmonia 57

    The building can breathes, sweats, ages and regenerates.
    2 months ago
    11 Jun - Day Care Center-masc

    Naestvedgade Day Care Center

    The Prism and the Frame tangled together with the middle building
    2 months ago
    10 Jun - Romeirao-masc

    Casa Romeirão

    The house develops in a close relation with the ground.
    2 months ago
    10 Jun - California Academy-masc

    California Academy of Sciences

    It’s a merge of exhibition space, education, conservation and research in one roof.
    2 months ago

    Read Nest

    It’s a small prefab studio box for study room or relaxation place.
    2 months ago
    9 Jun - Eyelid-masc

    Eyelid House

    The house featured the Victorian terrace that modified with rear addition.
    2 months ago
    8 Jun - Lace Apartment-masc

    Lace Apartments

    The building covered with glass or metal glazed and fences.
    2 months ago
    7 Jun - Kulturfabrik-masc

    Kulturfabrik Kofmehl

    A cube that covered in steel sheets.
    2 months ago
    Fachadas de casa diferentes.

    Osler House

    An Athos Bulcão panel was specially designed for this house.
    2 months ago
    6 Jun - Heart of Love-masc

    Heart of Love River

    A contiguous land becomes popular recreation and tourist attractions.
    2 months ago
    5 Jun - Eco Boulevard-masc

    Eco Boulevard

    It’s a social nature and an environmental nature also.
    2 months ago
    5 Jun - House Baetens-masc

    Baetens House

    It’s a large, open and uncluttered living space.
    2 months ago
    4 Jun - NP Gas Station-masc

    Repsol Gas Station

    The canopies are seen like birds or clouds.
    2 months ago
    4 Jun - House Dijk-masc

    Dijk House

    A nice house with a steel skin.
    2 months ago
    3 Jun - Nazca-masc

    Nazca Restaurant

    The architects are divided the restaurant into two parts, bar and dining.
    2 months ago
    3 Jun - VS House-masc

    Vanda Street Residence

    The house featured exposed concrete structural skeleton.
    2 months ago
    2 Jun - AxD-masc

    AxD Gallery and Studio

    An old building exposes brickwork and mixed with wood.
    2 months ago
    2 Jun - Boh-masc

    BOH Tea Center

    An overhanging platform that offerings remarkable tea garden views.
    2 months ago
    1 Jun - Puritama-masc

    Puritama Hot Springs

    This architecture in the landscape tries to give glory to the place.
    2 months ago

    Hanamidori Cultural Center

    The basic concept was for a growing architecture.
    2 months ago

    House and Atelier

    The architects both reached at a circulation with upper and lower floors.
    2 months ago
    30 May - Chapultepec-masc

    Chapultepec Space

    The house rise from create livable landscapes needs,
    2 months ago
    29 May - Explora Hotel-masc

    Explora Hotel

    The hotel builds in an environment that linking experience with the city.
    2 months ago
    28 May - Nisha Bar-masc

    Nisha Bar-Lounge

    The dark lobby covered with metal plates and terrazzo floor.
    2 months ago
    28 May - Centipede-masc

    Garden Terrace

    The idea was to make a building with a pavilion look.
    2 months ago

    Mado Building

    The structure is just concrete sheer walls.
    2 months ago
    26 May - Joanopolis-masc

    Joanopolis House

    It is a house with simultaneous activities like a house party.
    2 months ago
    26 May - XBO-masc

    XBO Mobile Structure

    It is a suitcase that unfolded creates a garden within a structure.
    2 months ago
    23 May - Rubi Offices-masc

    Rubi Offices

    The main entrance has been designed as an indoor garden.
    2 months ago
    23 May - Loisium-masc

    Loisium Hotel

    The building is using earthlike materials and palette.
    2 months ago
    22 May - X House-masc

    Casa X

    A light steel structure on concrete foundation and supports plywood box.
    2 months ago

    Le Prisme Concert Hall

    It is principally a space for short-lived events.
    2 months ago
    21 May - Black House-masc

    Casa Negra

    The house completely open and interact with its environment.
    2 months ago
    21 May - Hunter Douglas-masc

    Hunter Douglas Plant

    The idea was to create an energy element in the warehouses.
    2 months ago
    20 May - San Juan-masc

    Casa San Juan

    A continuous steel beam repeats the open inclination to the landscape.
    2 months ago
    20 May - Kunsthaus-masc

    Kunsthaus Art House Extention

    The synergy between station, road and park is a hub and a meeting place.
    2 months ago
    19 May - Villa Peet-masc

    The Villa Peet

    It creates an entering new worlds feeling through a series of rabbit holes.
    2 months ago
    19 May - Mora River-masc

    Mora River Aquarium

    The aquarium was developed as a solid and massive quantity.
    2 months ago
    18 May - Dolomites-masc

    Dolomites House

    The house is controlled by automated iBus and hi-fi equipment.
    2 months ago

    Geometric Hot Springs

    The hot spring carved along stream among the nature in Villarica National Park.
    2 months ago
    16 May - Carabanchel-masc

    Carabanchel Housing

    The housing is strategically located to optimize south facing windows.
    3 months ago
    16 May - Walansee-masc

    Walansee House

    It creates a graceful switch between interior and fantastic panoramic sight.
    3 months ago
    15 May - Planar House-masc

    Planar House

    The natural flat and rotated walls merges with simple orthogonal interiors.
    3 months ago
    14 May - Villa Meindersma-masc

    Villa Meindersma

    The villa closed from the outside, light and open from the inside.
    3 months ago
    14 May - Seeko'o-masc

    Hotel Seeko’o

    The hotel facade is well covered with flowing lines.
    3 months ago
    13 May - Separation Creek-masc

    Tree House

    It’s a three-bedroom residence for related living spaces.
    3 months ago
    13 May - Church Holy Cross-masc

    Hellig Kors Church

    It is the translucent building built in fiberglass composite.
    3 months ago
    12 May - Oliver Kindergarten-masc

    Oliver Daycare

    It’s considered a building that generates environmental comfort.