Arch Brio Project Alibag

House on the Stream

It’s a nature retreat by Mumbai-based studio Architecture Brio, taking the concept of landscape to shape his house and passing over a small river. With a stream running through the house, this retreat in Alibag, Maharashtra, India is delicately woven into the landscape, alternately opening up and closing itself to the different characteristics of the site. The house consists of two parts: the day areas of the house such as the dining, kitchen, the living room and entrance verandah are separated from the master bedroom by a bridge that spans across the stream. The kitchen is made the heart of the house, a large, inviting volume with a high ceiling. Around this center, three ‘wings’ span across into the landscape and anchor the house into the location. The living room ‘wing’ is lifted of the ground to have a panoramic view of the mountain range in the distance. The guest room wing embraces and existing tree to create a courtyard and just peeks across the dining room to have a view over the length of the stream. The swimming pool is aligned along the stream acting as a substitute for it during the dry season, and as an extension of it during the monsoons.

Arch Brio Project Alibag Arch Brio Project Alibag re04 Arch Brio Project Alibag re08 Arch Brio Project Alibag Arch Brio Project Alibag

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